We are a custom software development company, being n the IT market for 10 + years. We offer a broad range of custom e-learning software solutions that will meet your specific business needs and aid you to optimize the learning process and attach more effectiveness.

Our development team has rich experience and deep knowledge across various domains. Hence, we deliver high quality educational software of any size and complexity. Our expertise includes such technologies as PHP, Java, .Net, Flash/Flex, Ajax, HTML, CSS and more. To learn more about our expertise and implemented e-learning solutions, please, request for a portfolio.

Our Benefits

  • Dedicated professional team, specializing in e-learning software development
  • A full spectrum of services: from requirements management to continuous technical support
  • Multiplatform development solutions (including Windows, Unix, MacOS, etc.)
  • Up-to-date multimedia technologies (graphics, animation, audio explanations, etc.)
  • User-friendly intuitive interface and broad functionality
  • Time and cost effectiveness and more

About E-learning

About E-learning

The swift development of information technologies has conduced greatly to the progress in the educational system. It has given a powerful incentive to the transition from conventional learning to a mixed educational approach that blends both usual activities in the classroom and computer-based learning. In fact, e-learning is a very interactive and effective way of education. It is attractive in terms of cost-effectiveness and usability. At present many companies resort to e-learning to educate the employees and improve their skills. If you are looking for e-learning software development, please, get in touch with our sales manager.

The success of any project of education process automation depends on experience and knowledge of developers and integrators. We get our education, e-learning and knowledge management expertise from many-year cooperation with the leading e-learning service providers. We have effectively realized a number of e-learning projects for customers globally.